The Miracle of Garlic

as33Garlic is the most frequent item in any kitchen. Other than making our food more flavorful, garlic has proven to be an effective, yet inexpensive herbal remedy for common illnesses.

With the ever-increasing prices of medicines, people are going back to herbal remedies used since ancient times.

What makes this spice helpful in curing illnesses? Garlic contains a sulfur compound called allicin, which has been known to be antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal. Garlic has often been referred to as nature’s natural antibiotic.

Most antibiotics deplete the body of its natural flora, which causes yeast infection; garlic, on the other hand, does not disturb the body’s natural flora.

Herbal Remedy

Garlic is an effective herbal remedy for high cholesterol. Half or one clove of garlic per day can help reduce cholesterol by about 9%. It has also been known to lower blood pressure by relaxing the veins and walls of the artery.

For people with respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis, inhaling hot water with crushed garlic can help in clearing the airways. Most herbal cough medicines also contain garlic. It has particularly proven to be an effective remedy for phlegm.

Backaches afflict people of all ages. Two or three cloves of garlic taken by mouth every morning is an effective herbal remedy for backaches. To further help in alleviating the pain, oil prepared from garlic can also be rubbed on the back.

Garlic is also an effective herbal remedy for ear infections. Wrap a plug shape piece of fresh garlic bulb in tissue paper. Place it in the infected ear just like a regular earplug before going to bed at night. There is no need to shove it deeply. In about fifteen minutes, the pain will be significantly lessened. In most cases, the infection will be gone in two days.

Recurrent vaginal yeast infections plague a lot of women. Regular intake of garlic has also been known to aid in preventing yeast infections.

Some people take garlic on a regular basis to keep a common cough and colds at bay. At the first hint of cold, cough or flu, Increase garlic intake. Either take it on its own or increase its quantity in soups, salad dressings and casseroles.


Despite its health benefits, it would still be wise to stick to a maximum of 5 cloves a day. Other than bad breath, too much garlic may also cause flatulence. It also not recommended for people taking blood thinning medication or those who regularly take aspirin.

Garlic now comes in capsules, which is convenient for people on the go. And the best part is it doesn’t leave your breath smelling foul.

How to Start on Indoor Gardening

aca33Have you often admired other people’s gardens? Do you want to have a garden of your own but have a small yard or no yard at all? Then, indoor gardening is the solution to your problem of inadequate space or small yard.

Indoor gardening provides plant lovers a chance to grow their garden in a limited space as long as they know the basic things a gardener must know for their plants to grow.

Steps to Indoor Gardening

First, one must consider how much light a specific plant requires and whether their home is conducive to provide that much-needed light. Many homes may not be able to provide enough light; if that’s the case, then one must consider putting an artificial light such as fluorescent lights to augment the light source. Be sure to place your plants outdoor during summertime to give them enough boost of energy that they need.

Always be aware if your plants are lacking enough light; thin stem, small leaves and pale color are some indications that your plants are not receiving enough light. And when bringing home the plants from the nursery, one must give it a heavy light exposure at first for they are accustomed to it in the nursery, you should only gradually decrease the light exposure until it can adapt to your indoor setup.

Secondly, one must be aware of how much water that particular plan requires. There are some varieties of plants that need a lot of water, and there are also others which require less. Always see to it to place your potted plant in an area with adequate water drainage. Be sure also to check if you are giving just the enough water they need and not over watering it because over watering plants is the culprit in most plant’s demise.

Overly wet soil will cause root problems which will turn the leaves of the plant to yellow and eventually death of the plant due to lack of oxygen.

Next, one must also consider the container and pots they will use. Select the pots and containers with enough water drainage so as not to drown your plants. When using a container that is previously used, always wash it thoroughly before reusing because some plants diseases may have left behind and can eventually cause some illness to your new plant.

When you see to it that all the above elements are met then, you are now ready to start on your indoor gardening. Plants, when taken care of correctly and lovingly, can give a relaxing atmosphere to your homes. So, do not worry if you don’t have a yard, indoor gardening is your alternative which can give you the same satisfaction as outdoor gardens could give.